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Writing songs for Nature - Niko Frost

Has a picture or a smell ever reminded you of a fond memory? What about a certain sound? Throughout the years, I’ve gathered various voice memos of different atmospheres that I wanted to remember- everything from the cry of seagulls, a gathering with family or travels with friends, to a thunderstorm in the summer. When I listen to these recordings I always feel like I’m transported back to the place and time where they were captured. I was so excited to learn that WWF Hungary is currently working on a very similar project: they want to capture the soundscapes and atmospheres of the various natural locations that they’ve helped preserve over the last 30 years.



150 000 Ft

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Who I am and how do I raise money?

I’m Niko Frost, an aspiring music producer and song-writer. One of my goals with music is to merge it with environmental protection, and this is my first project where I can do that. I’m still in the beginnings of my music journey, but I’ve already learnt that the best way to improve is to write/ produce more songs. So, over the next 30 days I’m going to be writing a new song everyday and uploading it to Instagram and YouTube in order to raise funds. „How does this involve me?” – you might ask. Well, when you donate any amount you can shape the songs that I will create by giving me anything from words / topics / titles / quotes / a picture or even entire lyrics if that’s what you’re into :D Of course, part of the credits will go to you.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nikofrostmusic/

E-mail: nikofrostmusic@gmail.com 

What is the goal?

The goal of this campaign is to raise 150.000 HUF (360 GBP) so our team can go and record beautiful soundscapes and capture footage of the most pristine locations in Hungary over the next few months. The end results will include a nature sounds album which will be great to work / study or relax to, a mini-documentary and an ambient sounds sample pack too, so other music producers can support the future work of WWF simply by purchasing their recordings.

Hope you are as excited about this project as I am! I hope you join me in my 30 day challenge and become a supporter today. If you have any questions about the project, just drop me a line. 


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