The dolphin is a carnivorous marine mammal that eats fish. They have a special skill in that they can get their bearings based on echolocation. There are 50 dolphin species in total, which make up seven families: the marine dolphins are listed in three families, and four families belong to the family of freshwater river dolphins.

Dolphins live in groups, the number of individuals in each group can reach 40. The members of the group hunt together, in a coordinated manner. Dolphins are social animals, they also often interact with people. The presence of humans, however, is the greatest threat they have to face.

Due to massive fishing of dolphins, the species has become endangered by today. In the course of the gill netting method a huge number of dolphins are caught and killed all over the world. In addition, a significant number of dolphins are entangled and drowned in nets intended to catch other fish.

Climate change constitutes the greatest threat for them. Due to global warming, the world's sea temperature is continuously rising, and plankton are dying because of that. Without plankton, small fish also starve, so dolphins in turn need to make do with less and less food.

The WWF's Marine Program continuously fights to save dolphins. Engaging scientists, ecologists, politicians and lawyers, they are active in nearly 40 countries to save different sea regions. In the past 30 years 200,000 square kilometres of sea, ocean and coastal regions have been placed under protection, thanks to WWF's work, among others.



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