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WWF EcoPanda inspires you how to be environmentally conscious on Viber


Have you ever seen a giant panda riding a scooter or planting? WWF ÖkoPanda (EcoPanda) does everything to live environmentally conscious – whether it is about transport, plastic-free shopping or sustainable eating. WWF Hungary has teamed up with Rakuten Viber again, to swamp the messages with “eco-attitude”.

WWF has emerged the once endangered giant panda as a symbol of conservation to raise awareness. Thanks to successful actions from several directions their decline has stopped, so their time has come to reveal what the problem is with human activity and how we should live – at least through the new stickers of WWF Hungary in Viber. Now each one of us can raise awareness about the topic by sending an amazing and fun panda sticker and also joining the dedicated community to support the important cause.

As a continuation of the first WWF sticker pack presenting the native large carnivores of Hungary, EcoPanda is now showing what an environmentally conscious life is like. In addition to stickers depicting different moods and everyday life situations – such as greetings or apologies - with EcoPanda we learn that it’s an option to go somewhere by scooter, that the reusable shopping bags are cool, that it is worth standing up for important things or that planting is useful and a good activity. The expressive stickers, showing all this were done by the talented team of White Rabbit Advertising Agency once again.

By downloading the sticker pack, users also become members of WWF’s virtual community, with exclusive content and sweepstakes. For example, they can get first-hand news on nature conservation, tips on how to live a sustainable lifestyle and reduce their ecological footprint.

The giant panda as an eco-ambassador

“Encouraged by the success of the sticker package depicting the Hungarian large carnivores, we decided with the international team of Rakuten Viber to continue the cooperation in Hungary. So far, almost 60,000 people have joined the WWF Hungary Viber community, and we are looking forward to involving more new members into our daily lives through the new stickers. This time, the panda which is iconic to us and loved by millions around the world, is the protagonist. He is our partner and eco-ambassador in shaping attitudes towards environmental awareness through one of the world's most popular messaging platforms" – said Csaba Klacsán, the Communication Manager of WWF Hungary.

“We are extremely happy to see WWF Hungary with yet another engaging and impactful campaign in Viber - this time around promoting environmentally conscious ways of living. By downloading the sticker pack and sharing the cool Panda with friends and family, we raise awareness about this global issue. WWF’s community contributes greatly to this experience with wonderful tips on how with small everyday actions we all can contribute to a better and cleaner world - get inspired by joining it!”  said Daniela Ivanova,  Business Development Director Europe of Rakuten Viber.

WWF Hungary has been working for almost 30 years to preserve Hungary's natural values ​​and to ensure that humanity and nature live in harmony with each other. Its activities cover four main areas: protecting our rivers and wetlands, preserving natural forests, combating and adapting to climate change, and protecting our native large carnivores. In addition, great attention is paid to disseminating the idea of ​​sustainability and environmental awareness as widely as possible.

Keeping this in mind, the NGO has announced a New Norm in September in the hope of green recovery, which could make anyone a member of the generation of change – the campaign’s messages are strengthened and disseminated among Viber users by the EcoPanda sticker package too. The 7-point commitment can be accepted on wwf.hu/cselekedj/zoldhelyreallitas in November 2020.