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Countrywide Big Jump this Sunday!

This Sunday Hungary joins the celebrations of Big Jump with the biggest splash in the region. 15 municipalities, 8 counties and 8 rivers and creeks participate in this year’s Big Jump, dedicated to the Amazon of Europe. Apart from Danube, Drava and Tisza, Szamos, Sajó, Túr and Séd creek are participating as well, while Gyermely is dedicating its Big Jump event to give a name to its creek No. 207.

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Europe’s last remaining primeval forest faces World Heritage in Danger listing

A World Heritage Committee draft decision released today signalled a possible “in danger” listing for Europe’s last primeval forest with the UN body expressing “utmost concern” for the site.

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Malaysia’s largest marine park comes to life

The establishment of the Tun Mustapha Park in Malaysia, formally gazetted last week, marks a milestone in global marine conservation. Following more than a decade of dedicated efforts by government authorities and civil society, the creation of Malaysia’s largest marine park is an important step forward in protecting valuable coastal marine resources and promoting sustainable development.

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Small businesses in Asia can help forests and economies grow, new report shows

Small and medium-sized Asian businesses specializing in forest and ecosystem services can play a key role in reducing deforestation in the region, according to a new study.

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World Heritage supports millions, but threatened worldwide

Nearly half of all natural World Heritage sites are threatened by harmful industrial activities, according to a new WWF report. These sites provide vital services to people and the environment, but are at risk worldwide from activities including oil and gas exploration, mining and illegal logging.

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Reflecting back, looking forward

WWF proved again in 2015 that when we work together just about anything is possible... 

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The Hungarian state-owned land in the European network of protected sites Natura 2000

The three largest national conservation organizations in Hungary – WWF Hungary, Birdlife Hungary and Friends of the Earth Hungary – are calling on Sandor Fazekas, the Minister of Agriculture also responsible for nature conservation, to stop the sale of state-owned land in Hungary’s sites from the European network of protected areas Natura 2000.

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Conversation highlights - New report released

Recent achievements and challenges in WWF’s work to protect biodiversity and reduce humanity’s footprint in priority areas of the global conservation programme.

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Over 80% of future deforestation confined to just 11 places

Eleven places in the world – 10 of which are in the tropics – will account for over 80 per cent of forest loss globally by 2030, according to research released today by WWF.

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More to conservation than APP's clearing halt

Two years after Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) announced a new “forest conservation” policy, APP’s pledge to halt forest clearing has held, but its forests are still disappearing.

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