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Conversation highlights - New report released


Fotó: WWFRecent achievements and challenges in WWF’s work to protect biodiversity and reduce humanity’s footprint in priority areas of the global conservation programme.

The report discusses hot topics such as:

  • The newly agreed 15-year UN Agenda for Sustainable Development is a hugely important development to which many WWF staff and offices contributed. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out a vision for an equitable and sustainable future with environmental protection at the core and will guide huge future development funding
  • WWF’s Ocean Campaign is building a strong case for the protection of critical marine habitats for their importance to coastal communities – one of the new SDGs aims to protect  the marine environment and the focus on the Great Barrier Reef has forced the Australian Government to commit to improved management
  • Earth Hour is recognised as the world’s largest grassroots environment movement, and in March 2015 this powered hundreds of thousands of actions on the theme of climate change
  • WWF was also central to the first ever UN General Assembly resolution on the illegal wildlife trade, incorporating all of WWF’s main asks – while in the field there is good news on tigers
  • Working with partner organisations, WWF helped gain more than half-a-million signatures calling for the retention and full implementation of Europe’s nature laws which have helped achieve the world’s largest network of protected areas, the Natura 2000