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Reflecting back, looking forward


Fotó: James MorganWWF proved again in 2015 that when we work together just about anything is possible... 

The year came to a promising close when governments met in Paris to agree on a new global climate deal. The agreement lays the foundation for our long-term efforts against climate change and signals that the world is ready for a clean-energy transition. More work is needed to keep warming below the necessary limit, and WWF will continue to work at every level to be at the centre of global efforts against climate change.

Only months before the Paris agreement, we witnessed another important moment of global unity when the UN approved a sustainable development deal that gives us the best chance to eliminate poverty, promote prosperity and protect the environment. The new 15-year plan commits all countries to ensuring food, water and energy security for generations to come.

Leaders around the globe used 2015 to raise their voices in support of a world in which people live in harmony with nature. Among those who joined the call were spiritual leaders from many different faiths, including Pope Francis who presented a powerful plan for our planet that prioritizes environment, equity, and equality.

In 2015, WWF increased the public discussion about the ocean’s importance to the economy, food security and our planet’s natural systems. This was highlighted by WWF’s efforts to raise awareness of the risks facing Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, one of the world’s most recognizable World Heritage Sites.

While the past year was full of excitement and achievement, many more challenges lie ahead. WWF will continue to work around the world with supporters and partners to prove that together it is possible to protect people and the planet.