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Hydropower threats in Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine

On the eve of World Wetlands Day – 2 February – WWF warns that hydropower projects and government decisions in ecologically sensitive areas threaten to harm the habitats of rare and endangered species in the countries along the Danube river, particularly in Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine. With regard to hydropower, WWF is active to ensure that energy requirements are met with options that also consider environmental and social impact.

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Western Indian Ocean valued at US$333.8 billion but at a crossroads

Antananarivo, Madagascar - A groundbreaking new report finds the ocean assets of the Western Indian Ocean region are valued conservatively at US$333.8 billion but foreshadows significant challenges for the region’s ocean-based economies and food supplies in the absence of stronger conservation actions.

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2016’s Record-Breaking Temperatures Signal Increased Need for Urgent International Action

GLAND, Switzerland (18 January, 2017) – Today, NASA and the U.S National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) declared 2016 as the hottest year on record globally.

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European habitats under threat

For the first time, a comprehensive assessment of European habitats has been carried out, providing a clear picture of the state of the 490 habitats in 35 countries across Europe, from the Arctic Circle to the Mediterranean Sea, and in neighbouring coastal waters of the North Atlantic, Baltic, Mediterranean and Black Seas.

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A lasting legacy for conservation and environmental protection

WWF mourns the passing of international environmental lawyer Dr Wolfgang E. Burhenne aged 92 on Friday 6 January 2017. A signatory to the Morges Manifesto, which established the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in 1961 and the driving force behind some of the world’s most important international environmental treaties, Dr Burhenne leaves behind a legacy of environmental protection.

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China to ban domestic ivory trade by 2017

WWF and TRAFFIC welcomed today’s historic announcement that China will close down its domestic ivory trade by the end of 2017, signalling an end to the world’s primary legal ivory market and a major boost to international efforts to tackle the elephant poaching crisis in Africa.

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Winter is coming

As winter is coming, the eight water buffalos of Tiszatarján have returned to their winter residence from their floodplain pasture. With the help of WWF, the 11 hectares area is being “cleaned” from invasive Amorpha species by the local community and used as a grassland for long horned Grey Cattle and water buffalos

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Nature dodges bullet: huge public campaign saves EU nature laws

European Commission confirms EU nature protection laws will be saved after record-breaking campaign – now put the laws to work, say NGOs

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Spain announces dredging ban to protect Doñana

Spain's Doñana wetland received a reprieve today when authorities committed not to allow dredging of a river essential to the World Heritage site's health.

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Nations need to get serious about biodiversity loss or risk missing global targets

Faced with dramatic declines in nature, governments must come prepared to urgently implement their collective commitments to global biodiversity conservation and dramatically raise their individual ambitions at the upcoming meeting of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).

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