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Asian infrastructure boom could be end of the road for tigers

With massive infrastructure plans threatening all tiger landscapes and risking recent gains in tiger conservation, Asian governments must adopt a sustainable approach to infrastructure planning and construction or drive tigers toward extinction, according to a new analysis by WWF.

2016-11-22 More »

Paris Agreement passes first stress test at COP22

In response to the close of COP22, Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, leader of WWF International’s Climate & Energy Practice, issued the following statement:

2016-11-18 More »


WWF Welcomes first shipment of legally licensed wood product from Indonesia to the EU

Today the first shipment of wood products licensed under Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade (FLEGT) was sent from Indonesia to the European Union.

2016-11-15 More »

New report shows the critical situation of water in Doñana, WWF warns

The health of Spain's Doñana National Park is fully dependant on water. But the aquifer that feeds Doñana’s marshes is drying up at an alarming speed, and its deterioration is affecting rivers, marshes, lagoons, as well as the plants and animals that make Doñana unique.

2016-11-15 More »


Surge in seizures of captive-bred tigers strengthens call for Asia to close all tiger farms

With commercial tiger breeding in Asia threatening the future of the world’s remaining wild tigers, governments must announce concrete steps to close all the continent’s tiger farms within the next three years at the international conference on illegal wildlife trade starting tomorrow in Viet Nam.

2016-11-15 More »

Paris Agreement enters into force

Less than a year ago, 197 countries came together to deliver a universal climate agreement and, with it, a promise to work together to limit global temperature rise to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

2016-11-04 More »


Belize offshore seismic testing suspended after outcry

The longest barrier reef in the northern hemisphere has received a reprieve from seismic surveying, WWF has learned. Officials in Belize agreed to suspend the seismic portion of offshore oil exploration an after an outcry from concerned citizens, national civil society groups and international conservation organizations and their supporters.

2016-10-21 More »

US, China send powerful political signal for global climate action

Today’s joint announcement by the world’s two biggest carbon emitters – China and the US – that they have formally joined the global climate Paris Agreement sends a very powerful signal that there will be real global action on climate change.

2016-09-03 More »


Living ‘in the red’

Eight months into 2016, humans have already spent Earth’s ecological budget for the year.

2016-08-07 More »

Paris takes Global Earth Hour Capital 2016 title

Paris is this year’s Global Earth Hour Capital. WWF’s Earth Hour City Challenge recognizes the “City of Light” as a role model for climate action and awards Paris for its ambitious vision and successful engagement with business, civil society and other cities on its journey toward sustainability.

2016-06-22 More »



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