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Living Amazon Report 2016

The Amazon is under pressure from unsustainable economic activities and is undergoing unprecedented change, according to WWF’s Living Amazon Report 2016 released today. The report highlights the regional and global realities that are impacting the Amazon and demonstrates why cooperation is so critical to the area’s future.

2016-06-13 More »

Leading consumer goods companies slow to deliver on sustainable sourcing

New WWF research published today indicates that only a handful of leading consumer goods companies and retailers have taken meaningful action to source sustainably produced soft commodities derived from forestry, farming and fisheries despite commitments.

2016-06-13 More »


Zambian wins WWF International President’s Award

Zambian climate leader and youth empowerment advocate Brighton Kaoma has won this year’s WWF International President’s Award for his efforts to educate, and give a voice to, youth about the environment.

2016-06-07 More »

Top brands failing on cotton sustainability

The majority of international companies using most cotton globally are failing to deliver on cotton sustainability according to new independent research published today by Pesticide Action Network (PAN) UK, Solidaridad and WWF.

2016-06-06 More »


WWF Soy Scorecard shows that too many European companies are hiding their soy use

European companies that buy and use soy as animal feed in meat and dairy production are doing the least to address adverse impacts of soy production on the forests and savannahs of South America.

2016-05-30 More »

Milestone in saving World Heritage site in Hungary

A spark of hope with persisting concerns at the only World Heritage site of Hungary.

2016-05-18 More »


Bonn meeting must provide specifics, direction and scale to new climate deal

Climate negotiators will have to give substance to important elements of the new global deal on climate change if they want to deliver on their promise to try to keep warming under 1.5° Celsius above pre-industrial temperatures. The meeting in Bonn, Germany is the first opportunity for governments to add content to key elements of the climate agreement since its adoption in Paris last year.

2016-05-11 More »

Climate deal signing opens new era for action

Countries gathered at United Nations headquarters today to sign the Paris Agreement, the first global deal on climate change.

2016-04-22 More »


Time to make Paris Agreement a reality

Nations meeting later this week to sign the new global climate deal should announce fast plans for ratification and new, scaled-up actions to match what is needed to keep warming below 1.50 C.

2016-04-18 More »

As skylines darken for Earth Hour, millions shine a light on climate action

On Saturday, as WWF’s Earth Hour rolled across the world from Samoa to Santiago, millions came together to shine a light on the climate action our planet needs. The tenth edition of the movement’s signature lights out event saw individuals, communities, organizations and landmarks in an unprecedented 178 countries and territories switch off in solidarity with global efforts to change climate change.

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