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Historic low levels of Arctic sea ice signal trouble for Arctic wildlife

Following a record-breaking warm Arctic winter, Arctic Ocean sea ice looks set to hit a record low maximum level. The ice hit a maximum of 14,478 million km2 on the second day of March. If the ice does not grow any more this year, this will set a new record, beating the previous low maximum set last year.

2016-03-15 More »

Earth Hour shines a light on climate action

As the world steps into a new era of climate action, Earth Hour is urging its supporters to shine a light on climate action through the most powerful communication tool of our time – social media.

2016-02-22 More »


We reward commitment

Last December, WWF Hungary honored Toyota Central Europe's 8 years of support with an award.

2016-02-11 More »

Hong Kong government signals end to domestic ivory trade

Following a major anti-ivory campaign by WWF-Hong Kong, the city’s Chief Executive, C Y Leung, announced today that the government is actively exploring phasing out the domestic ivory trade.

2016-01-13 More »


CITES meeting can provide boost in wildlife crime fight

With soaring wildlife crime prominent on the international agenda, the upcoming Standing Committee of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) can further boost global efforts to tackle illegal wildlife trade by taking bold decisions on a host of issues during its meeting in Geneva.

2016-01-11 More »

WWF & IUCN announce new partnership to expand and strengthen protected areas

WWF and IUCN have joined forces to enhance and promote the role of protected and conserved areas in achieving sustainable development over the next 10 years.

2015-11-18 More »


Mapping Choices: Carbon, Climate, and Rising Seas - Our Global Legacy

Carbon emissions causing 4 degrees Celsius of warming (7.2 degrees Fahrenheit) - a business-as- usual scenario - could lock in enough eventual sea level rise to submerge land currently home to 470 to 760 million people globally.

2015-11-09 More »

Countdown to historic climate meeting in Paris

Climate negotiators meet in Bonn from tomorrow for a final round of discussions before a historic meeting starts in Paris in six weeks, where a new global climate agreement is expected to be approved.


2015-10-20 More »


Leonardo Dicaprio among investors pulling GBP 1.7 trillion out of fossil fuels

Investors ranging from WWF ambassador Leonardo DiCaprio to pension funds and churches have pledged to pull almost GBP1.7 trillion out of fossil fuels, it has been announced.

2015-09-23 More »

Islamic Declaration boosts moral arguments to act on climate change

Islamic leaders and scholars have issued an Islamic Declaration on Climate Change. This is a statement from WWF’s Global Climate and Energy Initiative Head of Low Carbon Frameworks, Tasneem Essop, reacting to the announcement.

2015-08-18 More »



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