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Climate and energy - Archive

Earth Overshoot Day: humanity exceeds nature's budget for 2015

In less than eight months, humanity has used up nature’s budget for the entire year, according to data from Global Footprint Network.

2015-08-13 More »

China’s climate plan sends positive signal ahead of global deal

China’s new climate plan confirms that the country will peak its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, and sends a strong message to other countries to do more on climate ahead of this year’s negotiations for a new global climate deal.

2015-06-30 More »


Our grandchildren’s future is at stake

5th of June is the World Environment Day. This day, appointed more than 40 years ago, draws attention every year to the importance of our environmental values. However, neither individuals nor policy-makers take any real actions. There are possible solutions; still, making economic profit comes before the future of natural values.

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The future has begun

The Green Generation talent nurturing programme of WWF Hungary and Toyota Fund for Europe officially began on 18 May. The professional mentors of the programme have chosen 25 young applicants who are going to work together for a year to find answers to the problems related to the topics of biodiversity and Smart Cities.

2015-05-20 More »


More than 300 cities in the Green Heart of Europe to join WWF’s Earth Hour

This Saturday, 28 March 2015, at 8:30 pm local time, the world’s largest grassroots movement, Earth Hour, will roll across the globe for the ninth time, inviting people to use their power to change climate change. The event is only months before a new global climate deal is expected in Paris.

2015-03-26 More »

Earth Hour 2015

WWF’s Earth Hour takes on its biggest challenge ever this year by strengthening focus on the globe's most stubborn environmental challenge – climate change. As the opportunity for action on climate change peaks in 2015, the world’s largest grassroots movement will raise its voice to change climate change.

2015-02-26 More »


EU’s climate and energy vision

Today the European Commission unveiled its vision for an Energy Union, as well as a Communication on the UN climate negotiations, the ‘Paris Protocol’. While these key documents setting out the EU’s future climate and energy plan are a welcome step, they both come with blind spots on how to shift Europe to a low-carbon economy and seriously address climate change.

2015-02-25 More »

WWF: Good progress in Geneva

While an extraordinary mood prevailed at the UN climate negotiations in Geneva this week, resulting in draft text for a new global climate agreement, the hard work is yet to begin.

2015-02-13 More »


New report brings pre-2020 actions into sharp focus

As UN climate negotiators in Geneva today focus on emissions reductions in the pre-2020 period, a new WWF report outlines the immediate mitigation measures that can be taken in 10 countries.

2015-02-12 More »

Upcoming UN climate talks

Negotiators meeting at an upcoming round of climate talks need to adopt a business unusual approach in order to deliver the draft of a new global climate deal. The talks will take place in Geneva, Switzerland and are scheduled to run from 8 February through 13 February.

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