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France reaffirms decision to cut coal financing through export credits

Yesterday (4 February), the French government reaffirmed a commitment made in November by the President at their annual environmental conference that the country would stop all coal financing abroad through export credits.

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Earth Hour 2015 Countdown Begins

As nations and individuals around the globe gear up to participate in the world’s largest grassroots environmental movement, WWF’s Earth Hour kickstarted the countdown to the 2015 event with the release of the official campaign video today. Set to the international hit song ‘Pompeii’ by British rock band Bastille, the two-minute video demonstrates how Earth Hour is empowering individuals and organisations around the world to take action on climate change.

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Bats in danger

A recently published study shows that climate change is putting a significant part of bat species at risk. The authors found that the ability of bats' food acquisition, habitat and reproduction can be jeopardized, while extreme weather events, and diseases are also likely to affect several species.

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