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The future has begun


Fotó: Bajomi BálintThe Green Generation talent nurturing programme of WWF Hungary and Toyota Fund for Europe officially began on 18 May. The professional mentors of the programme have chosen 25 young applicants who are going to work together for a year to find answers to the problems related to the topics of biodiversity and Smart Cities.

 “Students have been chosen according to various interests. There is a musician and a sportsman among them but some are interested in languages and arts as well. However, all of them wish to get to know the world as much as possible and want to turn their knowledge into action and be part of something that could trigger real change. The Green Generation Programme has been created for such young people, so we are glad that they are with us in this adventure,” shared her impressions Katalin Sipos, director of WWF Hungary, who had taken part personally in the introductory day in Paloma.

The first day was an introductory day; after a playful introduction the participants could get to know each other’s world view by taking part in creative exercises and active debates. “It became Fotó: Bajomi Bálintobvious right at the beginning that the majority of the students preferred synthesising and complex solutions that require the harmonisation of different aspects – that is, they do not want to choose between two possibilities but find a way that brings them closer,” said Dániel Benkő, project manager of  WWF Hungary’s Climate and Energie programme.

The next station of Green Generation will continue with the first meeting of the Biodiversity module in the Panda House on 21 May.

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