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Islamic Declaration boosts moral arguments to act on climate change


Islamic leaders and scholars have issued an Islamic Declaration on Climate Change. This is a statement from WWF’s Global Climate and Energy Initiative Head of Low Carbon Frameworks, Tasneem Essop, reacting to the announcement: “The message from the Islamic leaders and scholars boosts the moral aspects of the global climate debate and marks another significant display of climate leadership by faith-based groups.
"Climate change is no longer just a scientific issue; it is increasingly a moral and ethical one. It affects the lives, livelihoods and rights of everyone, especially the poor, marginalised and most vulnerable communities.
"Most religions view humans as the caretakers of the natural world. And in this spirit, taking care of the environment is a moral duty. The Declaration reflects the Islamic basis to this concept.  WWF, as an environmental organisation, is moved by the same impulse to have a world in which human beings can live in harmony, both among themselves and with nature, with equity and solidarity. The expressions of solidarity from representatives from other faiths -- the Catholic Church, Hindu faith, Judaism and Lutheran Church -- send a good message that unity and cooperation is needed to overcome such a serious global challenge such as climate change.
"Only by working with each other can we save the planet, its vibrant diversity of life and ensure a prosperous future for us all. The Declaration makes a strong call on all Muslims across the world to take urgent action now through lifestyle changes and also calls on decision-makers to shift investments towards a clean, sustainable low carbon future and away from fossil fuels."