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Freshwater habitat

Interreg Danube Project lifelineMDD

Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary and Serbia submitted a UNESCO application for the world's first 5-country biosphere reserve Mura-Drava-Danube in April 2020.

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More large areas would be taken away from the Danube because of new large investments

The exact documentation of the new investments planned on the Hajógyári Island has been recently published, which aims at the establishment of a kayak-canoe centre and the investment for flood protection of the whole island.

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EU Water Law Will NOT be Changed, Confirms European Commission

In a landmark day for Europe’s rivers, lakes and wetlands, the European Commission has announced that the EU’s strong water legislation — the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) — will not be changed.

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WWF launches international effort to halt oil and gas drilling in Greek waters

WWF today published a report on the ‘Economic impacts of hydrocarbon exploitation in Greece’ as part of the launch of its international campaign to halt oil and gas drilling plans in the country. The study, commissioned by WWF and conducted by eftec, finds that a major oil spill in Greece would devastate the country’s tourism and fishing industries, and cost the Greek economy more than 7.5 billion euros.

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On track to restore rivers and wetlands in 6 Danube countries

On the eve of Danube Day, 29 June, WWF, The Coca-Cola Foundation, The Coca-Cola Company and the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River take stock of progress of their 7-year partnership for rivers and wetlands in the Danube basin.

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Belize: moratorium on oil activities

Belize becomes a world leader in ocean protection by ending oil activity in its waters. The legislation, which was signed into law on 29 December 2017, marks the first time that a developing country has taken such a major step to protect its oceans.

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France launches largest dam removal project on the continent

With thousands of proposed dams threatening Europe’s few remaining free flowing rivers, France’s decision to remove two large dams could signal the start of a new era on the continent – with countries focussing on reviving their rivers and on large scale dam destruction rather than construction.

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Belize’s future dependent on threatened Belize Barrier Reef World Heritage site

The extent to which Belize’s economy depends on tourism generated by the threatened Belize Barrier Reef World Heritage site has been revealed for the first time today by a new report launched by WWF and partner organizations. The report, Natural Heritage, Natural Wealth, aims to highlight the incredible resource the country is at risk of losing.

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WWF deeply concerned over imminent certification of Mexican tuna fishery

WWF has expressed its deep concern at the likely Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification of the Northeastern Tropical Pacific tuna dolphin-set purse seine fishery. WWF had previously objected to this certification proposal due to its belief that impacts of the fishery on depleted dolphin populations have not been sufficiently examined and addressed, therefore not meeting the MSC standard. An independent adjudicator assigned to consider the objection has now dismissed WWF’s challenge.  

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International Danube Day celebrations

Coinciding with international Danube Day celebrations, the JOINTISZA project organised a string of milestone events that will shape future project activities.

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