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First UN Ocean Conference signals global goal out of reach without major new action

On the concluding day of the first ever United Nations Ocean Conference, WWF calls for unprecedented action to achieve the agreed Ocean sustainable development goal. This comes as member states prepare to endorse a call for action that acknowledges the serious threats to the ocean from overexploitation and climate change, and the need for much greater ambition.

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Hungary made quite a splash last Sunday!

Together with hundreds of other locations in Europe, Hungary held its own Big Jump event this Sunday as well. The countrywide challenge of WWF Hungary was accepted by participants from 16 towns and villages from 8 counties, thus making our splash the biggest one in the Danube region. For the region, this day also marks the memorial day of the Mura-Drava-Danube Transboundary Biosphere Reserve, also known as the ‘Amazon of Europe’.

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Big Jump events celebrate healthy rivers in Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia and Serbia

WWF is organizing the Big Jump event again this year in Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia and Serbia. Thousands of people will run and jump into the Danube and other rivers to show the need for their protection and also to celebrate the initiative to create a five-country Transboundary Biosphere Reserve along the Mura, Drava and Danube rivers, also known as “Amazon of Europe”. 14 July is celebrated as Amazon of Europe Day.

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WWF launches new Sustainability Guide to encourage sustainable FMCG products in Asia

The risks of serious environmental and social impact caused by poorly-managed supply chains can be avoided with improved practices that will also benefit business.

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Wetlands conservation milestone for WWF

The designation of wetlands for conservation with WWF support reached over 100 million hectares worldwide with the declaration of seven sites in Zimbabwe under the Ramsar convention.

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Why Water Governance is Key to Growth in Bangladesh

Reports previewed today by WWF and H&M find that the gap between water policy and implementation in Bangladesh is likely to affect the country’s economic growth. Findings suggest that national ambitions such as improved living standards, food security and textile export growth depend on improving water governance.

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Life on wheels I: Tony Long’s trip down the Danube

Earlier this year, the former Director of WWF's European Policy Office in Brussels, Tony Long, jumped on his bike and cycled some 3,000 kilometres down the Danube -- from Donaueschingen in the Black Forest where the river rises to Sulina where it flows into the Black Sea. Read part I of the interview with him taken by Konstantin Ivanov.

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WWF DCPO: First successes in the fight to save the last Danube sturgeons

Vienna/Sofia/Bucharest – Poaching and illegal wildlife trade threaten not only tigers in Asia but also the last and strictly protected sturgeons of the Danube, in the heart of Europe.

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The Living Blue Planet Report 2015 is out

Species, habitats and human well-being. This report provides the most accurate picture of the state of the ocean--and the results are not good. We have lost half the fish populations that we rely on in less than half a century.

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Let’s jump together for the living rivers! WWF Big Jump 2015

It has now been a tradition for ten years to celebrate European rivers and wetlands with a common big splash into water. This year, under the organisation of WWF Hungary, Hungary joins again the challenge and calls on the Hungarian municipalities to jump on 12 July at 3 pm.

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