Living Danube and Living Danube Tour


Photo: WWF HungaryWWF works to bring back the natural freedom and wealth of the Danube. WWF co-operates with residents who live along the river from its source to the delta to revive the river and secure opportunities for sustainable agriculture and ecotourism. Beavers, which became extinct in Hungary in the 19th century, now happily inhabit the riverbanks again. In Romania and Bulgaria large floodplains and wetlands have been restored, where numbers of birds, like pigmy cormorant and ferruginous duck, found safe home.

In Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia and Serbia, along the Danube, Drava and Mura rivers we create a UNESCO world heritage 5 country trans boundary nature reserve. The WWF stand up to save the extinction of the s giant fish of the Danube, the sturgeon that survived Photo: WWF Hungaryfrom the times of the dinosaurs. All these efforts are rewarded when we see that the Danube is recovering again: after a 40 years break may-flies are back and Duna is flourishing again, which is the best proof to the river’s improving health.

The Living Danube Tour of WWF is an interactive parlour game and an educational program sponsored by Coca Cola, which represents the importance of the natural wetland in six countries along the Danube. Furthermore the tour introduces the floodplain forests, the variety of wildlife of the Danube and draws the attention to its vulnerability.



Photos Danube Day 2012Trip of our "Palánták" projectEarth Hour 2015


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