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Our projects

LIFE SWiPE (2020-2023)

The SWiPE (Successful Wildlife Crime Prosecution in Europe) project aims to discourage potential offenders by improving compliance with EU Environmental Law and increasing the number of successfully prosecuted offences, and thus ultimately reduce wildlife crime.

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Our vision is a river roaming freely once again and a diverse system of communities nourished by it on the over-200-kilometre-long section of the River Drava shared by Croatia and Hungary. Compared to other big rivers in the country, this section of the river is less regulated for now, with certain characteristics of a river roaming naturally, therefore it is ideal for restoration.

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LIFE4Oak Forests

The aim of the project is to help the regeneration of oak forests, the biodiversity of which decreased significantly due to intense human use, as well as to restore diverse forest structures, the aboriginal species makeup, and microhabitats.

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The primary goal of the project launched at the end of 2017 is to facilitate communication between various stakeholders working with large carnivores – livestock keepers, hunters, nature conservationists, and decision-makers, among others.

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Danube Floodplain

The aim of the Danube Floodplain project is improving transnational water management and flood risk prevention while maximizing benefits for biodiversity conservation. The project is realised with 18 participants and 4 strategic partners within the framework of the Danube Transnational Programme with support from Interreg Europe.

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LENA - Local Economy and Nature Conservation in the Danube Region

The main goal of the LENA project was to strengthen the shared and integrated perspective on the conservation and sustainable use of protected natural areas in the field of related policies, as well as to create new income opportunities in natural resources-based economic sectors.

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Turjánvidék - The Hidden Treasure of the Hungarian Lowlands

A European Union funded project to preserve Turjánvidék. The soggy, squashy vegetation that is difficult to walk on is what we call “turjános”, which gave the name to the whole area and the Natura 2000 territory as well. The project was launched thanks to the European Union’s LIFE-Nature funding instrument, the aim of which is to realise exceptional nature conservation management.

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