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Our vision is a river roaming freely once again and a diverse system of communities nourished by it on the over-200-kilometre-long section of the River Drava shared by Croatia and Hungary. Compared to other big rivers in the country, this section of the river is less regulated for now, with certain characteristics of a river roaming naturally, therefore it is ideal for restoration.

The tasks included in the tender will be realised unitedly, with the participation and cooperation of various groups connected to the River Drava, working with the landscape. One of the pillars of the WISEDRAVALIFE tender is the work method harmonising the aspects and expertise of the water, nature conservation, and forestry industries to reach a shared goal.

Some of the main issues affecting the artificially sped-up flow of the River Drava and its communities are the sinking riverbed level and the riverbed incision. Over the course of the tender, we examine the reasons for the sinking through modelling based on extensive data collection and find possible ways of stopping and reversing the process and mitigating its effects.

Based on these findings, we will start the restoration of the River Drava: we will modify or even tear down certain artefacts (e.g. riverbank paving and “spurs”) in the main riverbed of the Drava that serve to regulate it. We will revive one selected backwater of the Drava and connect it back to its stream. In the Lankóci forest slightly further from the main stream of the Drava, we will hold back the water with the help of thresholds.

Important results of the WISEDRAVALIFE tender will be the studies, attitudes, and educational materials on which further projects aiming to reverse the regulation of the Drava will be based. Our intention is that these documents will become important reference points also in terms of water and nature conservation plans.

Further information: wwf.hu/wisedrava