WWF report: The way Hungary heats


Household heating indicating medium or high level air pollution in more than half of the settlements in the country; energy poverty concerns 80 percent of local governments, besides, the insulation and the heating system of local governmental public buildings are in poor condition – WWF Hungary’s latest report says.


France launches largest dam removal project on the continent


With thousands of proposed dams threatening Europe’s few remaining free flowing rivers, France’s decision to remove two large dams could signal the start of a new era on the continent – with countries focussing on reviving their rivers and on large scale dam destruction rather than construction.


Belize’s future dependent on threatened Belize Barrier Reef World Heritage site


The extent to which Belize’s economy depends on tourism generated by the threatened Belize Barrier Reef World Heritage site has been revealed for the first time today by a new report launched by WWF and partner organizations. The report, Natural Heritage, Natural Wealth, aims to highlight the incredible resource the country is at risk of losing.


Carpathian countries commit to action on climate change, agriculture and forest protection


At the Fifth Conference of the Parties of the Carpathian Convention in Lillafuered, Hungary, representatives of the seven Parties to the Convention, committed to take action on climate change, agriculture and forest protection, among other issues. 


Demanding high ambitions for 2030


An informal meeting takes place in Tallinn, Estonia, where ministers for Energy and Transport in the EU are gathering to discuss several issues. CEESEN is calling on them to strengthen the phase-out of fossils and support the low-carbon economy.


French-led Global Pact for the Environment opportunity to strengthen momentum on climate action


As climate change, biodiversity loss and environmental degradation continue to impact the wellbeing of millions worldwide, the Global Pact for the Environment, presented by French President Emmanuel Macron at the UN General Assembly today, should enjoy the support of all world leaders, urges WWF.



Romanian Environment Ministry gives green light for trophy hunting of wolves and brown bears


The Romanian Ministry of Environment proposes again hunting as the only solution to human-wildlife conflict, ignoring once more the specialists they consult.


Global leaders head critical summit to save the snow leopard and its habitat, on which hundreds of millions depend


World leaders will begin critical talks over the future of the snow leopard and its habitat; the headwaters for rivers on which hundreds of millions directly depend as a source of freshwater. WWF urges snow leopard range countries*, which include political powerhouses China, Russia and India, to bolster previous commitments, or risk irreversible damage to both the species and landscape.


WWF deeply concerned over imminent certification of Mexican tuna fishery


WWF has expressed its deep concern at the likely Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification of the Northeastern Tropical Pacific tuna dolphin-set purse seine fishery. WWF had previously objected to this certification proposal due to its belief that impacts of the fishery on depleted dolphin populations have not been sufficiently examined and addressed, therefore not meeting the MSC standard. An independent adjudicator assigned to consider the objection has now dismissed WWF’s challenge.  


WWF urges Slovak government to protect Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians


Continuing inappropriate management, extensive logging and hunting in the Slovak part of the site is threatening the outstanding universal value of the whole UNESCO site, which includes areas located in Ukraine and Germany.

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