Field projects



Continuous cover forests in Buda Hills

Continuous cover forests in Buda Hills (since 2003) – pilot site of continuous cover forest management (selection system) with nature trails. Nature trails can be found inside the borders of Budapest, near to easily accessible touristic points of interest. We cooperate with Pilis Park Forestry, manager of Buda Hills for more than 10 years on raising awareness, related to new forest management methods.


Turjanland (2011-2016) – Restauration of forests and meadows, conservation of natural values of a 7300 ha shooting range, in the middle of Great Plain, which is used for military purposes for more than 100 years.


Life in Forests

Life in Forests 2014-2018 – Renewal and harmonization of forest management methods in Natura 2000 forest in Hungary, in order to protect natural values more effectively.

Large carnivores in forests

Large carnivores in forests (2000-2004 than since 2006) – lynx, wolf and bear are native species of Hungary, hunted to extinction, but now returning. WWF supports their research, raise awareness and protest against their illegal hunting.

Steppe Oak Woods of Nagykőrös

Steppe Oak Woods of Nagykőrös (2006-2011) – restaration and conserve of the largest steppic oak forest of the Great Plain, in cooperation with Danube-Ipoly National Park and the city of Nagykőrös.


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