Environmental education and community building officer


WWF Hungary´s mission is to build a future in which people live in harmony with nature. The conservation work focuses on protecting natural values, maintaining and restoring ecosystems in Hungary and encouraging sustainable development and a sustainable society.

WWF Hungary is an active member of WWF Danube-Carpathian Programme Office and contributes to environmental and sustainability goals that are relevant for the Danube River Basin and the Carpathian Region.

The Environmental education and community building officer contributes to WWF Hungary’s key communication goals:

  • support people in changing to sustainable and nature-friendly lifestyle and consumption;
  • build a broad community of active citizens standing up for the sake of climate and nature.

The Officer works with broad range of relevant partners, focuses on youth, green community development and active engagement methods, is ambitious to test non-formal, unusual and cost-efficient ways of awareness raising and education. He/she also contributes to WWF’s brand positioning and representation of our core values and environmental mission at different events, programmes. The Officer is a member of the Communications Department.


As an Environmental education and community building officer Your duties will include:

A. Design and implement an education programme

  • Get an extensive knowledge about the past activities, WWF best practices and the Hungarian actors on this field, and draft an environmental education programme together with the staff
  • Prepare a detailed workplan with all the activities, timelines and budget
  • Build and manage external relationships
  • Coordinate with staff members for implementation
  • Ensure that activities and dates are in line with other communicationactivities and contribute to communication strategy
  • Implement all relevant activities on a national level
  • Follow WWF Network skillsharing on environmental education
  • Manage administrative tasks (writing reports, draft contracts, proposals, etc)
  • Represent on events, give presentations, etc
  • Organize events with education purposes
  • Design and implement education tools for WWF Hungary
  • Search for funding opportunities to maintain and extend the education programme and activities


B. Design and implement a volunteer programme

  • Get an extensive knowledge about the past activities, WWF best practices and the Hungarian actors on this field, and design a volunteer programme together with the staff
  • Prepare a detailed workplan with all the activities, timelines and budget
  • Coordinate the implementation of the activities – involve the communications and conservationdepartment members and manage the activities
  • Make sure that the activities are in line and timely harmonized with other activities and the strategic goals of the organisation
  • Build and maintain extensive national and international partnership, explore potential opportunities to expand the programme


C. Have a focus on youth empowerment

  • Get involved in the regional youth empowerment strategy
  • Prepare and implement projects related to youth empowerment
  • Engage with partners to reach out to youth (schools, associations, etc)
  • Arrange events targeting youth
  • Involve youth in our activities to learn more about their needs and interests


D. Build projects to tackle behavior change for individuals

  • Initiate activities to engage people to live more sustainably
  • Develop relationship management system to monitor the change and engage people for long-term
  • Search funding opportunities for projects targeting individual behavior change


E. Be an active part of the Communications department

  • Take part in general tasks like managing WWF Hungary owned media channels, translating international press releases, etc
  • Take part in planning of the overall communication strategy and detailed workplan on a yearly basis
  • Take part in planning and implementing communication activities to support brand positioning
  • Follow the information flow of WWF Network communications
  • Feed the network comms channels with relevant content about our national work
  • Participate in external meetings


We expect from you:

Adheres to the WWF mission, as well as lives the WWF-DCP’s values: Empowering People, Trust, Impact Driven, Responsibility, Standard of Excellence

1. Knowledge (qualifications)

  • University or college degree in Communications, (PR, Marketing), Education or other related fields
  • At least 3-5 years of relevant work experience in communications, education, pedagogy or other related fields
  • Fluent Hungarian and English
  • Excellent communication skills


2. Experience

  • Experience in multi-tasking, managing parallel tasks with deadlines
  • Experience in working with children, educating people or dealing with youth 


3. Skills and Abilities

  • Excellent oral and written communications skills both in Hungarian and English
  • Excellent pedagogical skills, relationship management and interpersonal communication
  • Have long-term vision in education and community building
  • Ability to manage multiple projects paralelly
  • Good presentation skills, engaging manner
  • Ability to participate effectively in inter-disciplinary teams and to build and maintain effective working relationships with colleagues and external partners, efficient listening skills
  • Ability to work individually but also in a team
  • Efficiency and flexibility in working style
  • Open, friendly and solution oriented personality and attitude
  • Interest and appetite for conservation and sustainability
  • Proficiency in using Microsoft Office (Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint) and Windows operating systems; experience in using a variety of databases acquired through training and work experience


We offer:

  • The opportunity to make a difference – for Hungary and for WWF
  • Challenging and fulfilling work in one of Europe’s most exciting eco-regions
  • Friendly and highly professional working atmosphere in an international context
  • Varying tasks and independent work style
  • A pleasant working atmosphere and great learning environment
  • A competitive salary according to NGO standards


If you are interested in joining the WWF team, email your application documents including your CV and cover letter (in English or in Hungarian) to allas@wwf.hu. Application deadline: 8th of April 2019. Please understand that we can only reply to short-listed candidates. For more information about WWF Hungary, kindly check the website: www.wwf.hu



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