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WWF Hungary is looking for two education experts

WWF Hungary is looking for two education experts to be temporarily engaged in its Interreg lifelineMDD project as external experts. They are expected to work as a team during the preparation and organization of the trainings.

The project lifelineMDD is a follow up of the coopMDD project that laid a foundation for a living cooperation between Protected Area managers and a Transboundary Management Programme for the planned 5-country Biosphere Reserve Mura-Drava-Danube (TBR MDD).
The goal of the project is to improve connectivity and biodiversity within the MDD river corridor by restoring the natural river dynamics. The results of the project activities will be supported and anchored by the educational component and work on raising local awareness for living rivers.

The educational work package of the project is focused on to ensure continuous awareness of the local population, especially children, young people and other visitors via reaching out to teachers, social workers and guides (as local multipliers) to empower them to develop and implement high quality environmental projects and promote the values and importance of the TBR MDD in local communities of the whole region.

WWF Hungary is looking for two education experts to conduct national trainings for local multipliers. Beforehand, education experts will be provided with a 3-part training (TtT seminars) in TBR MDD countries as well as handbooks and didactic materials to use in the process of national training development.

The requested services shall be provided for the following tasks:

  1. Objectives:

Strengthening the awareness of local populations living along the TBR MDD for natural river dynamics and restoration measures.

  1. Activities:

1. Take an active part on all three international seminars (3-days) in MDD countries (time and place to be defined later, just like whether virtual or physical events). Travel costs will be covered by the selected trainers, accommodation and subsistence costs will be covered by the seminars’ organizers. Working language will be English.

2. In cooperation with the work package leader, WWF Adria and WWF Hungary, prepare the program for the national trainings and adjust the provided didactic and educational materials to Hungarian circumstances. National trainings will be held in Hungarian.

3. Conduct the three national trainings. Two trainings will be organized in TBR MDD region and one in Budapest, each training last 2-days. 



Logistics of the trainings (venue, food, travel, etc.)


Finding participants


Administration beforehand


Administration on the spot


Preparation of the training


Main didactic materials

WWF Adria

Development of education materials to Hungarian circumstances


Conduct trainings


Report about the trainings


  1. Planned timeline:
        1. 1st TtT seminar: somewhere between July and September 2021.
        2. 2nd TtT seminar: somewhere between October and November 2021.
        3. 3rd TtT seminar: January 2022
        4. Development of national trainings: 01-03. 2022
        5. National trainings: 03-05. 2022
        6. Availability until the end of the project (December 2022.) 

Please, bear in mind that the provided timeline can change.

  1.  Selection criteria:
  • A University degree in the broad area of environmental education, such as: natural sciences, agricultural sciences, pedagogy or related fields and at least 2 years of relevant experience in required field of work;
  • Thorough knowledge of environmental education principles and practices;
  • Experience in freshwater ecology is an asset;
  • Fluent oral and written Hungarian and English communication skills are required 
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication and organizational skills;
  • Good team-work and motivating skills;
  • Awareness and sensitivity to the environment and natural processes.

Contract details

The commission fee includes all personal, professional and travel fees, as well as all other relevant fees. Payments will be fulfilled in three amounts according to the finalization of each section of the work:

  1. Participation on the seminars
  2. Adjustment of didactic materials to Hungarian circumstances
  3. Fulfilment of the 3 national trainings.

After each section, the trainers must provide a short report in order to receive the certification of services rendered and an invoice must be provided within 14 days in order to start the process of payment. 

Timeframe of the contract

01st July 2021. – 30th June 2022.

Information and procedure

If you are interested in this position please, send an email before 30th April 2021 including a motivation letter and CV in English to allas@wwf.hu 

Due to capacity issues, only candidates selected for interviews will be contacted and for selected candidates the interviews will be held virtually.