The water retention model of the Lankóci forest is completed


The water supply of the Lankóci forest would be secured by implementing small-scale artificial water retention objects. The location of these objects (the level of the river bed, hurdles) was determined by the partners on the basis of the relief and water retention model.

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Study tour to the Morava River


Under the LIFE project (LIFE10 NAT/AT/000015) at the downstream regions of the Morava river (alongside the Czech-Hungarian, later Austrian-Slovakian border, and at the Devín Canyon flowing into the river Danube) they mainly concentrated on the restoration of the side branch on the Austrian side.

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The WISEDRAVALIFE project has started!


On July 1, 2018, our LIFE-Nature project, WISEDRAVALIFE (LIFE17NAT/HU/000577), has been officially launched.

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Study tour to the Upper Drava and to the Salzach River


In the WISEDRAVA project we have undertaken to take into consideration all the experience gained during the already completed river restoration works. Our first destination was the Upper Drava and the Salzach River in Austria.

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