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WWF Hungary – “The Check Out” program: Domestic tourism for sustainability

By the end of the twentieth century, it was evident that mass tourism and high-altitude air travel were not environmentally viable modes of transportation. Consider a place that used to be close to nature, such as a mountain or a river, but is now only remembered with nostalgia because it has been completely built up and overrun by tourists over the years, or consider a trip where we look at the pictures beforehand and expect to see a pristine environment, but when we arrive, we are met with crowds, cars, and even litter. But what should you do if you want to recharge your batteries and relax in a peaceful setting while also caring for the natural environment?
We created Check Out to bring together a collection of nature-based accommodation that meets our professional standards and can be a great alternative to the large wellness complexes.

Attention! The list is not exhaustive; there are many more ecotourism accommodations in Hungary than those listed above; the Check Out partners are listed below.

Support our work!

By staying at one of the following accommodations, you are not only helping to more sustainable tourism, but you are also financially supporting WWF Hungary’s conservation work. The participating hotels donate 1000 HUF for each room/guest night to our daily activities, thus by choosing them, you are also donating to us. The donation is optional for the guests!

Are you the owner/manager of an accommodation that takes nature conservation into account? Fill out the form below to become one of our partners, and we will contact you shortly with the details of the collaboration!