WWF Hungary

Our work for conserving nature includes the protection of our wetlands – especially river and floodplain systems – our natural forests, we also work for ensuring a sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture, as well as rural development, and the preservation of protected and endangered habitats and species. Moreover, reducing the impacts of climate change and raising environmental awareness are also crucial parts of our work.


  • Climate change and energy
  • Protection of forests
  • Conservation of rivers and wetlands
  • Protection of large carnivores

Through our programs, we engage in fieldwork, empower nature advocacy, and raise awareness among people.
We collaborate with national parks, nature conservation authorities, non-governmental organizations, educational institutions, and business partners, as well as with local people.
At a regional level, we work in close collaboration with WWF offices all over Europe and other international non-governmental organizations. WWF Hungary is also a member of WWF CEE (the former Danube-Carpathian Regional Office).

WWF International

By protecting natural resources, we work for the future of humanity. Earth’s wildlife is not only fascinating because of its beauty and diversity but is also crucial to our own health and livelihood. Our drinking water, clean air, soil, food, pharmaceutical raw materials, and many more living necessities are dependent on the complex network of ecosystems and habitats.

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    WWF Hungary Team

    Stay informed and take a look at the members of the WWF Hungary team!

    WWF Hungary Team

    Take a look at the members of the WWF Hungary team!


    WWF Hungary is part of the international WWF Network, specifically affiliated with the Central and Eastern Europe Regional Office, committed to make detailed professional and financial reports for the office. As a result, some members of our Foundation’s Board of Trustees and Supervisory Board are foreign citizens, who, if unable to attend the meetings in person, may participate in the English meetings via video conferences, following the regulations specified by Hungarian legislation.


    If you are interested in conservation and want to work with a young, energetic team to increase environmental awareness, we may be looking for you!